Join the Sisterhood

Host a Screening for The Sisterhood of Night

Choose a night — preferably a weekend. Make sure your parents are on board. How many spots on the sofa and beyond? Invite your friends.

How about … inviting someone outside your circle?

How about … inviting parents to join you, too?

Use Facebook or Evite to track who's coming. Let them know where and when the screening will start and that there'll be a conversation after.

Get your secret symbol Sisterhood stickers and tattoos!

Day of the screening party:

  • Prep the popcorn and refreshments.
  • After the movie, take a moment then form a circle for a conversation.
  • Print out — or hand write — the same number of questions as guests. Cut up the paper and fold into triangles so the question is hidden. Put them all in a bowl and pass it around so everyone gets at least one question.
  • Invite friends to add their own comments and questions.
  • How about … form your own circle and commit to doing something fun and creative together? Pledge to stand up to bullying? Take an action that is meaningful to you!

Some questions to get you started:

  • To which sister do you most relate?
  • Why do you think the Sisterhood chose to go off-line? Do you secretly wish you could just escape texting and social media for a day?
  • After Mary quits Facebook and goes 'off-line' she turns to her written diary to express her feelings. Do you keep a journal? Do you write things in your journal that you would never share online?
  • In the movie, one of the main characters forgives another one. Were you surprised by that? What would you have done?
  • Has a photo that you did not want seen ever been shared anyway?
  • Have you received images of embarrassing photos of friends of classmates? What did you do with them?

Want to chat with the women who made the movie? We'd love to hear from you!

Here's How:

  1. Purchase the Sisterhood Slumber Party Pack.
  2. Send us an email at with:
    1. The date & time you plan to finish screening the film
    2. Where in the world you are. (our team in LA, New York, and elsewhere. We need to know your time zone!)
    3. Your Skype Name.
Schedule permitting, we will be in touch by email and let you know if one of the filmmakers can join you!

Questions for the cast? Let us know and we'll send them along!

Share the Symbol

Purchase our t-shirts, hoodies, temporary tattoos and stickers to share with your Sisterhood, or create your own! Share a photo on Facebook to be a part of the National Sisterhood!

Start Your Own Sisterhood

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